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We are absolutely loving our experience so far. Move in was quick and easy. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. The apartment is like brand new. We couldn’t be happier


May 18, 2024

Profile image of Brett

My fiancé and mines experience at the Alston has been nothing short of exceptional. From the first time we toured we knew we would move in when the time was right and we made the move recently and the entire staff has been wonderful!


May 18, 2024

Profile image of Amanda

My experience so far has been fantastic because of supportive and great staff. I am excited for the food trucks and to use the nice gyms to work out.


May 18, 2024

Profile image of Helene

Love my building Staff in front office always helpful and friendly On the warm day used outside grill and had dinner there Enjoyed quiet a few events since im here Needed something repaired done in a timely way I could go on and on Im enjoying living at Alston


May 12, 2024

Profile image of Steven

After living here for 6 months, I can definitely say that these apartments are not worth the price. Staff is nice enough but maintenance is a bit lacking. My unit is on the top floor and there's a leak in the ceiling, been there since I moved in. They still haven't fixed the roof! The provided appliances are the cheapest I've ever used, worse than Hot Point. The oven takes 25 minutes to reach 400. The washer is so small you have to do a minimum of 3 loads a week. The matching small dryer won't fully dry clothes due to the sensor reading them as dry. Maintenance can't fix that problem and management doesn't care (won't even let you provide your own laundry machines). Hope you aren't a hot sleeper, the thermostat is locked to 68 and only reads from a rather shady spot far away from windows. It's almost as if there was no consideration for units with windows facing west. Right now, I have no intention of renewing my lease. The area is nice though, 5 minute walk to the train.


May 09, 2024

Profile image of Christopher

Amazing!! Love every part of this place so far! We just moved in yesterday and we have been pleasantly surprised with almost everything this are has to offer. Staff is amazing, so close to the train station you could walk easily without it being too noisy. The apartments themselves are insanely nice and modern.


Apr 29, 2024

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