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Overall, I like living here. My apartment itself is very nice, I love the convenience of the pool and the staff are friendly as well. I will always maintain that the parking situation here is terrible— for both residents and guests. The attempt to improve things with valet just made things worse for those that live in the parking lot that’s being used. Also, the bags used to pick up dog poop often run out on the weekends. I feel like this is an easy fix, but it remains an issue.


May 25, 2023

Profile image of Tiffany

It’s a place I call home at this time. The customer service from staff is always so pleasant and professional. I’m always greeted and assisted.


May 18, 2023

Profile image of Nicholas

Not luxury. Super cheap on all appliances, but witnessed luxury appliances being delivered to other buildings. Microwave sucks! Not a single fan installed on a 4 story townhouse. Garage opens without being activated. Paid $50 god replacement keys that do not work at all. Community involvement is awesome but not a single thing us luxurious. Told short staffed on saturdays so cannot fix the puddle in washing machine. Reeks of mold. Top floor won’t close. Blew open trice. Dishwasher has mold. Just disappointed god $4300 plus a month. Love the office staff d crept for one. Won’t name because I still have to live here.


May 17, 2023

Profile image of Vanessa

Amazing place to live! It’s absolutely beautiful. There are always events and food trucks. The location is very convenient in the center of Long Island. The staff is very friendly. Both the office and maintenance team. I’m looking to renew my lease. My family is very comfortable here!


May 15, 2023

Profile image of Jessica

The Staff and residents make this a wonderful place to call home! Weekly events , social groups , great amenities, and easily accessible maintenance are a few perks.


May 12, 2023

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Looking forward to the pool opening. I really like the variety of food trucks. I noticed on the other pool I could only select one, the vegan one was also really good.


May 12, 2023

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