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Loving the 4th floor, it's nice and quiet no one above me. Hopefully the parking situation can be fixed, but other than that it's great living here.


Jan 25, 2022

Profile image of Suzanne

I'm increasingly frustrated with the parking situation. I pay for two parking spots ;one of which is for my daughter who goes to college upstate. She is rarely here. My son pulled out of a spot and hit someone's car which was parked illegally. It was his fault however if the parking rules were enforced I wouldn't have had to pay $950 for a scratch on a Mercedes. My car was also grazed on the right side by someone obviously trying to pull into a spot that was too small . Unfortunately I don't have the money to repair it and it looks horrible . I see spaces available yet I watch people park illegally every night. Yet, when my daughter is home she will park in the way back at night and WALK as she should. I've said all of this before and nothing has been done. Perhaps you should significantly lower the parking fee until this is worked out. The 8am to 8pm rule doesn't help at ALL. It makes absolutely no sense.


Jan 22, 2022

Profile image of Rachel

The Alston has truly become a home to us. So much so, that we both wanted to get engaged here, to make it even more special to us. The staff helped my fiancé out with the whole planning process so he could set it up in our buildings Lobby. They have really made us feel at home here.


Jan 22, 2022

Profile image of Melissa

amazing love the apartment, always clean, always available amazing love the apartment, always clean, always available amazing love the apartment, always clean, always available amazing love the apartment, always clean, always available


Jan 18, 2022

Profile image of Britney

The community is nice however you can’t pick your neighbors . I wish parking wasn’t such an issue, people cleaned up after their pets better and it wasn’t such a noisy area of town.


Jan 18, 2022

Profile image of Jenelle

The noise outside on some weekends can be to loud. The cars speeding in the parking lot. The trash valet company sucks. The staff is always smiling. Pat did an excellent job with handling the millions of packages that came in.


Jan 17, 2022

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