Have you made your New Year’s Resolution for 2022? A new year means a new you! It may come as no surprise that the most common new year’s resolutions have to do with health. Losing weight, eating healthier, getting in better shape, even focusing on mental health are all some of the most popular resolutions we make to ourselves to change our behavior for the better in new year.

If your health is at the top of your mind in this new year, try this local business for a way to create a healthier you in 2022.

Hummus Fit Kitchen – Less than 5 minutes away from your Alston apartment, Hummus Fit is a one stop shop for starting new healthy eating habits. This local eatery is more like a meal prep program than a restaurant – except they do all the meal prep for you, you just have to pick up. Hummus Fit Kitchen specializes in healthy meal prep, focusing on creating meals that give it’s patrons a healthy portion of protein and super foods. Homecooked meals are created by the dozen for its loyal patrons who stop by and stock up on healthy meals for the week. Pick your favorites from their menu that differs each week, and you could have a whole week of meals planned with just one order from Hummus Fit Kitchen. Ranging from rice bowls to healthy pastas, this local eatery is like having a personal nutritionist and a personal chef all in one.

Hummus Fit Kitchen

200 Ronkonkoma Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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