Fall is almost here again, and while the pumpkin is the definite vegetable king of the month of October, the Apple reigns supreme in September. Whether it’s giving teacher an apple on the first day of school, drinking cider with dinner or taking a trip to the orchard, here are some juicy ways you can celebrate the apple around your Alston apartment this September.

Richter’s Orchard – Only 20 minutes away but it feels like a different world, Richter’s Orchard is the mom and pop farm you see on TV when you think of a family farm. A short drive from Alston, at Richter you can pick your own apples this September, as well as enjoy their fresh peaches, cider and other baked goods. Say hello to Grommet for us, the friendly corgi who will greet you when you pull in. =)

Rustic Roots Delivery – Do you want farm fresh apples this September, but don’t have time to get out to the country? Rustic Roots delivery can bring the fresh goods to you! Delivering everywhere in the NYC Metro area, including here at your Ronkonkoma apartment, Rustic Roots delivery can either be a subscription service or a one-time basket delivered right to your door.  They use only the freshest local, organic & sustainably grown farm goods, picked out on your exact specifications. If you’ve craving fresh baked apple goodies this autumn but don’t have time to pick them, let Rustic Roots for the work for you!


Richters Orchard

1318 Pulaski Road

Northport, NY 11768


Rustic Roots Delivery