Meet Me At The Roxy: One of New York’s Hidden Staycation Spots


As Long Islanders, as soon as the warm weather is here everyone heads out to the beaches and the east end. Occasionally it can be nice to do something a little out of the ordinary. A quick getaway to a unique and trendy spot in downtown NYC can be the perfect change up to our usual routine. The Roxy is a hidden gem on 6th avenue in Tribeca, New York. It is the sister hotel to New York’s, The Soho Grand. The Roxy is a secret getaway that can make Long Islanders feel like they have traveled a great distance. This ideal location is concealed in the trendiest downtown location of New York and is just an hour and a half train ride from one of Long Island’s most convenient railroad stations in Ronkonkoma. The Roxy is known for its live music and jazz bands that play every weekend at, The Roxy Bar. When arriving at The Roxy, it automatically feels like you have stepped directly into a movie scene from the mid-century. Each hotel room is a unique design with a retro vibe hexagon patterned wallpaper, a Tivoli clock radio on the nightstand, and panoramic views of downtown NYC. The chic rooms offer a mid-century modern vibe with slight hints of Art Deco and really can make you feel like you are hundreds of miles from Long Island. We do not how much we have nearby and at our access with the Long Island Railroad at our doorstep.


The Roxy offers different activities and events throughout the week, and it can be helpful to skim the schedule on their site before planning a quick getaway. Guests swoon for the oyster specials, as well as the sunset cocktails located at The Roxy Bar, every Wednesday thru Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. Seasoned New Yorkers can often feel as if they are stuck in a tourist trap 24/7 when they venture into the city, but not at The Roxy. This trendy hideaway is a perfect destination to meet up with friends for a drink or to gather for a night of dancing. The charm of this downtown location is that it is in a quiet and serene area of the city, leaving you feeling as if you are out of town and certainly not in the chaos of Times Square. Sometimes it can be nice to take a break from the everyday routine of Long Island. It is nice to know we have so much available to us, so close to home.

After a brief intermission following the pandemic, The Roxy Cinema is finally back in action and will be drawing the curtains back open for us as well. One of the hotel’s best hot spots can be the in-house cinema. They will offer screenings of the Oscar-nominated films from last year, which is such a different feel from the cinemas of Long Island. You can purchase tickets ahead of time at There are not many locations in NYC or Long Island that provide an in-house vintage cinema. So this can be an enjoyable activity to do while visiting. The aesthetic and vibe of the hotel will leave you feeling like you stepped into another world. Sometimes we all feel the need to get away for a night for a quick staycation, which can be an ideal change of scenery. So while everyone is sitting in hours of Long Island traffic heading to the beaches on the east end, you can hop on the Long Island Railroad in Ronkonkoma and be in the city in a little over an hour. Sometimes a little staycation is just what we all need to escape our routines of every day. As their motto goes, “Turn on your love light and meet me at The Roxy.”