When it comes to furnishing an apartment, some love to splurge while others want to be on a budget. The question that often comes up is, is it worth splurging on all our furnishings or should we attempt to save on certain items? If you are renting an apartment with a short-term lease, we recommend filling your space with budget-friendly pieces that will allow you to spend those extra dollars on your next move. No matter your budget, it feels like a win when we find similar furniture for less. 

When decorating your living room, there are many directions you can go in as you begin the buying process. Many residents tend to spend hours looking at varied furniture styles, waffling back and forth on whether or not to take the plunge for a pricier piece.  We thought it would be helpful to put together a splurge vs. save reference guide to help you get the decorating process started, regardless of your budget. 

Our living room is one of the most important living spaces in our home. It’s a place to relax and find sanctuary and comfort. With this in mind, our decorating ideas lean toward a modern feel with a chic, clean look. The Anthropologie mirror starting at $498.00 is a beautiful decorative piece for a forever home.  For those looking for a more affordable option, we found a similar look for $129.99. With the latter option, you’ll get the same modern chic look without spending the extra money. When finding the perfect coffee table, it’s essential to think about practicality and design. The Jensen coffee table from McGee And Co. adds a beautiful touch of modern nature into your living room. The price may be a bit steep at $1785 for some budgets, so we found a great bargain on Wayfair that would give you a similar wood table look for just $419 for the Cassius Wood Drum Table. 

Black accents are a must-have when decorating a modern-style room. A black chandelier is a perfect addition to the white walls of a more contemporary space. The Gray Barn black chandelier is priced at $376 on Overstock, but we found a comparable option on Wayfair for $192. There is no more remarkable addition to a living room space than a West Elm Loft chair, with price ranging from 799 to $1000. We were also able to find an ideal alternative for the budget-minded shopper at Wayfair for a loft-style chair at just $509.

The Lulu and Georgia table lamp makes a stunning accent to any living space, but it may price out some budgets at a price of $363. That is why we found a great bargain look on Target for just $42. You read that right; the cost is under $50. The McGee and Company Sideboard priced at $1799 is the perfect splurge piece that makes an ideal television stand or a statement piece in your living room area. We also recommend the Springville Television sideboard priced at $330 for the same look on a budget. 

Whether you are looking to splurge or save, these modern-chic signature pieces will truly make a statement to your new living space.  To shop any of these items, we have provided links below.


Anthropologie Primrose Mirror 

McGee & Co Jensen Coffee Table 

Gray Barn Black Chandelier 

West Elm Loft Chair

Lulu And Georgia Klara The Table Lamp

McGee & Co. Tv Stand



Wayfair Coffee Table


Sofa Chair

Ivory Table Lamp

Springville Tv Stand