Did you know that Alston is just 35 minutes from one of the U.S.’s most fragrant gem’s? You can find some lavender fields close to home here on Long Island. Lavender by the Bay has two locations, Calverton and East Marion. A trip to see the sprawling fields of lavender is a perfect day trip or a weekend getaway, whether traveling from NYC or Western Long Island. The original farm is in East Marion on the North Fork and is a sprawling 17-acre farm containing 80,000 plants. It is even accessible via the LIRR by taking the train to Greenport and then catching an Uber to the farm.

The beautiful fields, grow both English and French lavender. The French lavender is usually in full bloom during the first two weeks of July. However, weather can always play a role in the blooming season. The English lavender is in color in mid-June and mid-September. During the bloom seasons, you can visit the farm seven days a week from 9 to 5. These sprawling fields are one of the busiest lavender farms in the United States, and they can get quite busy. Many Long Islanders have no idea we have such a fabulous weekend spot to visit, close to home.

Whether you want to stroll through the fields to see the many bees hard at work or take incredible photos throughout the property, all of which are Insta-worthy, it is quite a memorable experience. It is fun to take a seat in the lilac-colored Adirondack chairs located throughout the fields and soak in the incredible views. Lavender by the Bay is nature at its best and such a different experience for a weekend getaway. There is no better way to end the day with a visit to the shop, where they sell every lavender product that exists, from essential oils to fragrant sachets. Do not forget to grab an incredibly fragrant bunch of fresh lavender to take home. Down by the bay is where you’ll want to be the next chance you get.