The secret to building a summer charcuterie board is to food prep ahead of time and find foods that would be an easy complement to your board preparation. This fan favorite is an easy, prep-ahead presentation of all the favorite things we like to eat in summer. Include colorful veggies, fruit, bold dips, and spreads, along with various cheeses and meats. A charcuterie board always looks impressive, but it’s effortless to make.  

Guests go crazy for it and there’s never a wrong time of day to indulge. To get started, start with cheese. It is the perfect addition to any board, and the ideal number would be three. Choose three favorite cheese types. We enjoy a pepper jack or one with a bit of spice and then combine it with cheddar or Swiss and a softer cheese like a Brie. As far as meats, this varies on taste, and you can select one to three, depending on your preference, usually a hard salami or creamy prosciutto and Soppressata. Grapes are a must for fruits, but you can use any summer fruits or berries of your choice. The foundation of the charcuterie is crucial and should include baguettes or some artisan crispy seedy cracker, or a nice pita chip. To add an extra special effect, you can slice the baguettes and toast them with olive oil and salt and pepper. A fantastic addition to the board would be an assortment of summer grilled vegetables. When adding condiments or accompaniments, we always look for a tasty olive or a fresh pesto and of course everyone likes a flavorful hummus spread.

The perfect thing about a summer charcuterie board is that you can adapt it and use whatever food your guests or family prefers. There is no right or wrong when building your creation, just make it your own.